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AirBolt® Launches AirBolt GPS®: Global Tracking Like it Was Meant to Be

AirBolt launches AirBolt GPS®, the latest addition to an award-winning product line. This innovative global GPS, LTE-M, and NB-IoT tracker is the smallest in its class, and packs up to a year’s worth of tracking on a single charge. AirBolt® is truly grab and go, set and forget.

AirBolt GPS w Camera

Melbourne, Australia - August 2020 - AirBolt® launched its latest product, AirBolt® GPS, the latest in an award-winning product line that features AirBolt® Card, and the AirBolt® smart lock. 

Each year millions of us lose valuable time and countless dollars looking for, and ultimately replacing lost items. Car keys, sporting goods, and luggage are hefty investments, yet each are some of the most common items to go missing. AirBolt GPS® has the answer with the world’s smallest, global GPS, LTE-M, and NB-IoT tracker.

AirBolt GPS® is lightweight, waterproof and features industry leading battery life — up to one year of active tracking on a single charge. Other trackers make similar claims of year-long batteries, but only deliver on their promises in standby mode. What good is a tracker that’s not actively tracking anything? Where are your car keys? Where is the cat? Where is your traditional Bluetooth tracker, for that matter? AirBolt GPS® delivers on its claims of better battery life, and with tracking enabled. 

Built with premium materials and designed to be future proof, AirBolt GPS® packs the best technology in class, including an industry-leading chipset. No detail has gone unscrutinized. Each unit also features an accelerometer and temperature sensor for future feature updates.

Out of the box, AirBolt GPS® is ready to go. It’s powered by a built to last rechargeable battery and charged with USB-C.

AirBolt GPS® is available now on Kickstarter at the discounted price of $79.95 USD/$115 AUD, a discount of 45% off its $149.95 USD/$209.95 AUD retail price. It’s the newest in a stellar product line including a previous Kickstarter success story, AirBolt®: The Truly Smart Travel Lock and it’s designed to work with other AirBolt® products, including the gen-3 AirBolt® lock. The company raised its goal of $35,000 within seven hours of launch and plans to start shipping units in December. 

AirBolt GPS® comes from a company that has experienced success previously on crowdfunding platforms, raising more than $280,000 AUD with the AirBolt® Travel lock and delivering on time to rave reviews from customers. 

It’s not just customers who appreciate AirBolt’s® attention to detail. The company recently won the Acquisition International Business Excellence award for “Most Innovative Travel Lock” in 2020, as well as a Gold Award from Good Design Australia. 


  • World’s smallest GPS, LTE-M, and NB-IoT tracker (37mm x 34mm)

  • Global (yes you can travel with it!), live & real-time tracking

  • World class battery life: Up to one year on a single charge

  • Location History

  • Waterproof

  • Android and iOS compatible

  • Retains full Bluetooth tracking abilities with no subscription required

  • Customizable geo-fencing and separation alerts

  • Built in LED and buzzer alerts for further aid in finding your lost items

  • Global network partnerships 

  • Work’s With the AirBolt Travel Lock

“AirBolt GPS® is the culmination of thousands of hours spent scrutinizing every detail,” said AirBolt® founder Kabir Sidhu. “In keeping with our goal to make the world’s smallest, most feature-rich tracker, we analyzed dozens, perhaps hundreds of iterations until we settled on a design, sourced the hardware, and put it all together in one premium package.”

“We designed AirBolt GPS® while thinking about both past products and future ideas,” said AirBolt founder Kabir Sidhu. “We wanted something to work with what we had, while not limiting what we hoped to achieve in the future. And with AirBolt GPS®, we did exactly that.”

Want to know more? Check out the Kickstarter campaign here:

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About AirBolt

AirBolt® was founded in 2014 to solve some of the most common frustrations we all face while traveling. This award-winning company holds multiple patents and continues to operate with an eye on the future, designing innovative solutions to problems we all encounter. AirBolt® previously crowdfunded more than $280,000 AUD with its first product, the original AirBolt® travel lock, and shipped units that delighted customers around the globe, as promised. Its next in a growing range of quality products, the AirBolt GPS®, offers the same quality and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from AirBolt®.


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