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Artlist Acquires Software Company FXhome Positioning Itself Alongside Adobe

By adding video, VFX and image editing software tools to its already extensive catalog of high-quality creative assets, Artlist takes a significant step towards becoming a 360 solution for the next generation of content creators


[Tel Aviv, Israel, July 14, 2021] Artlist, the industry-leading creative technology company, announced today the acquisition of FXhome, a leading developer in the video and image software industry.

Only six months after acquiring Motion Array, Artlist gets into the world of software development and marks another significant step towards becoming a one-stop-shop solution for content creators, offering both high-quality creative assets and professional editing tools. 

Founded in 2001, FXhome is a software and visual effects developer for the new generation of content creators, who eagerly explore new pathways to creativity and aspire for innovative technologies. FXhome started as passionate, indie-filmmakers who wanted to help the creative community with easy-to-use tools to make Star Wars lightsaber visual effects. Since then, the company has developed the market-leading editing and VFX software HitFilm, as well as a real-time mobile virtual studio iOS app featured on the recent Apple Keynote, image editing and green screen programs. 

With over 30 employees, the UK-based company has built and cultivated an inclusive and inspirational community of over 6 million talented creators, bringing the total users of Artlist products to more than 13 million. 

From its 2016 foundation as a bootstrapped music licensing company, Artlist has continuously worked to expand its services to over 820,000 digital assets, launching the stock footage site Artgrid in spring 2019, releasing a vast catalog of high-quality sound effects at the beginning of 2020 and acquiring digital assets marketplace Motion Array at the end of 2020. 

“FXhome’s addition helps position Artlist alongside companies like Adobe by providing a 360 video creation solution that includes both editing tools and assets,” said Artlist co-founder and co-CEO, Ira Belsky. “From now on, creators of all levels will find at Artlist everything they need to create amazing content, from innovative editing tools to the best digital assets”.

We have always considered ourselves industry disruptors,” said Artlist co-founder and co-CEO Itzik Elbaz. “We started by revolutionizing the licensing industry with our subscription-based model, and we made the FXhome acquisition in the same spirit. Always focusing on answering creators’ needs and giving value to our users, our mission is to provide cutting-edge creative tools and assets that empower and inspire people to express their ideas through video, no matter their level of expertise.”

"Artlist and FXhome will build the best tools for the next generation of content creators," said Josh Davies, Founder of FXhome. "By joining forces, we'll enable millions of new creatives to have a voice and tell their story using the best content and software imaginable. For 20 years, that has been the FXhome dream, and I can't wait to make it a reality with our friends at Artlist!"

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About Artlist

Artlist is a leading creative technology company offering content creators powerful video and image editing software, and over 880,000 professional digital assets under a revolutionary, global license that covers every project worldwide.

In its mission to empower people to tell stories through video, Artlist offers four products:, a royalty-free music and SFX platform;, a curated stock footage platform;, an all-in-one marketplace for creators including video templates, presets, music, SFX, stock footage, motion graphics and stock photos; and FXhome, a cutting-edge video, VFX and image editing software. Artlist works with a growing team of contributors across the globe, updating its catalogs daily with fresh content while preserving a consistently high level of quality across its media and platforms.

Since its founding in 2016, Artlist has revolutionized the industry by offering subscription-based products under an unmatched license, and is becoming the ultimate 360-degree solution for content creators. Recognized as a top startup by LinkedIn and WIRED, Artlist counts Google, Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, Ikea, Mercedes, Samsung, Wix, Netflix, Dior and many more among its 16 million clients.

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About FXhome

FXhome is a multi-talented crew of coders and creatives, changing the video industry for the new generation of content creators by building innovative and accessible tools. What FXhome builds is driven by a single belief - that every artist should have access to powerful tools to tell their story, regardless of their skill level or budget. FXhome is a worldwide community of over 6.3 million creators, dreamers, and achievers who are not afraid to be different. FXhome’s creative software includes HitFilm (video editing and VFX), Ignite (visual effects plugins), Imerge (image editing and compositing), and CamTrackAR (world’s first mobile production studio for iOS). The company supports and nurtures the new era of content creators who dismiss the status quo, explore new pathways to creativity, and who aspire for something more - and in return, FXhome believes they will positively change the world.


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