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Cloudways partners with Redis to bring Object Cache Pro to e-commerce websites

Cloudways, the intuitive cloud hosting platform, joins forces with Till Krüss of PHP Redis and adds the WordPress plugin Object Cache Pro for free to subscriptions with a 2 GB server and above


MALTA (November 22, 2021) - Cloudways, a leading cloud hosting provider focused on performance and efficiency, is announcing a partnership with Till Krüss, maintainer and creator of PHP Redis, that will grant many users free access to Object Cache Pro, the business class Redis object cache backend for WordPress. The popular plugin enables the quick and reliable functioning of thousands of e-commerce websites. 

By partnering with Till Krüss to make Object Cache Pro available to many of its users, Cloudways expands its WordPress and WooCommerce hosting capabilities significantly. The cloud hosting company also continues on its mission to bring powerful enterprise-level tools and solutions in the hands of startups, small businesses, and solo traders who badly need them but were previously priced out of accessing them. The partnership helps Cloudways further deliver on its promise of peak performance and availability to its customers. Apart from e-commerce, Object Cache Pro will benefit mission-critical and large WordPress websites as well. 

Object Caching is one of the most vital processes for any WordPress website’s smooth and efficient functioning. It involves the storage of database query results in order to quickly refer back to them when needed, which makes it an essential part of the customer journey. From tracking conversions to correctly processing payments, it lies at the heart of a successful e-commerce operation.

Cloudways clients with subscription plans of 2 GB RAM and above now have complimentary access to Object Cache Pro’s powerful caching capabilities. The partnership sees the professional version of the WordPress plugin reaching an e-commerce audience in order to help improve the performance and availability of their websites.

Cloudways has always been dedicated to delivering top performance and service with its cloud hosting solutions, and the addition of Object Cache Pro is another important step in that direction. Thanks to the plugin’s capabilities, cached objects become instantly available, the server load decreases, and request processing times drop significantly. The notable improvements in speed are paired with precision and reliability that used to be reserved for large enterprise-level hosting clients only. Together, these measures result in a quicker, safer, and more efficient WordPress operation and a superior customer experience.

Object Cache Pro for WordPress is the professional version of the popular free Redis Object Cache plugin that is used by over 100,000 sites globally. The paid version, which Cloudways is now making available to many of its users, includes many industry-leading features. Cache analytics and high customization enable website owners to make the adjustments most relevant to their specific needs. Object Cache Pro is incredibly reliable and robust thanks to extensive unit testing, secure connections, and race condition mitigation. It is highly optimized for WooCommerce and integrates with a variety of services, such as Query Monitor & WP CLI. 

In addition to Cloudways, Object Cache Pro is the WordPress plugin of choice for large enterprises like Samsung, and Siemens as well as reputable institutions like Harvard University, and TD Bank.

“By partnering with Object Cache Pro, we are bringing world-class WordPress Object Caching capabilities to a broad new user segment that had previously been priced out of it,” said Aaqib Gadit, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudways. “This is a natural collaboration for us and plays right into our core values of efficiency, reliability, security, and performance in cloud hosting. We are thrilled to bring this cutting-edge tool to many of our users as a complementary feature in their preferred hosting plans.”

“Object Cache Pro has been bringing the benefits of Object Caching to enterprise customers since launch with amazing results,” said Till Krüss, creator of Object Cache Pro. “We’re very excited to partner with Cloudways to share our work with their customers. It shows Cloudways’ deep commitment to speed and reliability on the web.”

Cloudways will continue improving the reliability, performance, and speed of WordPress sites by adding further plugins to its plans. Next on the list is the PHP caching solution Relay.

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About Object Cache Pro

Object Cache Pro is a truly reliable, highly-optimized and easy-to-debug object cache for WordPress, built from the ground up for raw performance. Its underlying architecture makes it future-proof as well as easy to extend and customize. The opt-in logging module provides useful insights and makes tracking down those heisenbugs a walk in the park.

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