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Cloudways Partners with Patchstack to Provide Automated WordPress Security

Cloudways, the intuitive cloud hosting platform, announces its partnership with Patchstack to prevent malicious attacks and make WordPress sites secure for users everywhere

Cloudways x Patchstack

MALTA - June 7, 2021 - Cloudways, a cloud hosting provider focused on simplicity and productivity, is announcing a partnership with WordPress security tool provider Patchstack. The security company’s features will be fully integrated into Cloudways to allow users to scan and automatically patch vulnerabilities in WordPress, plugins, and themes.

The multi-cloud managed application as a service platform lets users choose from a variety of web hosting options, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode. The platform offers a unique managed hosting strategy for WordPress and WooCommerce sites by removing cloud server-related hassles. This is accomplished by leveraging high-speed servers, an intuitive control panel, 24/7 live support, flexible pricing, and a free WordPress caching plugin. Cloudways also allows the launch of cloud servers that manage and deploy web apps, allowing users to establish several WordPress and Magento sites on a single server with just one click. 

Cloudways aims to better the WordPress open-source community by making websites more secure, which has led to a natural partnership with Patchstack. Patchstack is a security tool designed to scan for vulnerabilities in WordPress, plugins, and themes. It automatically patches vulnerabilities upon detection without changing the code of websites. Patchstack’s easy-to-navigate dashboard enables users to create custom security alerts and generate PDF reports on vulnerabilities and patches via email and Slack. It provides a comprehensive overview of all security issues across an unlimited number of websites.

Cloudways is releasing WordPress command-line interface (WP-CLI) packages designed by Patchstack that will be available for everyone to use as open-source. WordPress users can utilize these packages to ensure security on websites through vulnerability scanning and patching. Patchstack’s “Red Team,” a community of independent security researchers devoted to building a safer web, will be working in tandem with both companies to report security vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins and themes. Together they’ll help software vendors address security issues before they can pose a risk to users and the public.

"We're honored to be working together with Cloudways to integrate our service into the platform,” said Patchstack CEO, Oliver Sild. “Our companies share a lot of common principles and giving back to the WordPress and open-source community is something we both value highly. I'm beyond excited to see what the future holds and I believe the Patchstack and Cloudways partnership is a big step towards a more secure web for everybody.”

“This is a huge contribution to the WordPress and open-source community,” stated Cloudways Director of WordPress, Robert Jacobi. “In May alone, 292 unique vulnerabilities were reported by Patchstack’s Red Team, which they have since quickly helped plugin developers fix. Patchstack and Cloudways are taking a leading role by giving users the tools needed to make building WordPress websites a much safer and secure experience. We’re now making a call for more WordPress-focused companies to support the Patchstack Red Team and this open initiative to make the web secure for everyone.”

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About Cloudways

Cloudways, a DigitalOcean company, offers businesses fully managed cloud hosting to enable their website to flourish. Cloudways managed hosting delivers unmatched performance, security, reliability and value with 24/7 support that acts as your extended team, making Cloudways an ultimate choice for growing agencies and eCommerce businesses.

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About Patchstack

Founded in 2021 by CEO and Founder Oliver Sild, Patchstack is a security tool that utilizes researchers to uncover WordPress, plugin, and theme vulnerabilities to automatically deliver security patches to websites. Users can set up Patchstack to secure their websites in under a minute to provide detailed reports on its intuitive dashboard that sends users customizable security alerts and PDF reports through email and Slack.

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