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DecentraDNS launch allows any user to purchase TLDs without oversight

DecentraDNS service enables TLD purchases without oversight, paving the path for TLD rights-holders to mint and sell subdomains as NFTs that cannot be censored or deplatformed


TALLINN, Estonia, August 2022 – Decentraweb, the Web3 identity and domain platform, announces the official public launch of DecentraDNS, the service that enables anyone to permissionlessly purchase a top-level domain (TLD), as well as to mint and sell subdomains as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The launch of DecentraDNS includes a DWEB resolver that enables browsers to access DWEB sites, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) sites, and regular ICANN sites for subdomains under the TLD.

Historically, domain acquisitions have been considered dicey business among buyers. Internet users seeking to purchase domains regularly run into limitations posed by ICANN, the nonprofit organization that manages the primary TLDs for the internet, including .com, .org, and .net domains. Websites built on ICANN-managed TLDs can be indiscriminately shut down or censored by hosting platforms or governments based on content posted on the site.

Once someone purchases rights to a TLD through DecentraDNS, they own the rights as long as they pay the renewal fees. Anyone purchasing a subdomain as an NFT owns the rights to that subdomain forever and cannot have it taken away. While other TLD sales platforms enforce waiting times and bidding processes, Decentraweb empowers people to immediately buy the rights to a TLD, provided that domain is available.

Decentraweb is working on a number of features for DecentraDNS that are planned for release over the coming weeks, including:

  • Web2 Bridge: Allows users to view the company’s Web3 content without the use of a resolver

  • JavaScript SDK: Helps app developers and websites to convert Ethereum addresses to DWEB aliases

  • Chat Function: Enables creators and buyers to connect and interface on a safe, end-to-end-encrypted messaging platform

“We want to open up the landscape of domain ownership and business,” says Decentraweb Founder and CEO Michael Calce. “In launching DecentraDNS on the public mainnet, we’ve removed the incredibly restrictive limitations users have become accustomed to with regards to top-level domains – namely, the waiting period and the uncertainty. This launch actively addresses those issues and presents a new way of activating top-level domains on Ethereum.”

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About Decentraweb

Founded in 2021, Decentraweb aims to transform the internet and domain name systems (DNSs) by allowing users to freely create their own top-level domains (TLDs) and own them permanently as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Corporations and businesses can buy and own a completely custom Top-Level-Domain (TLD), while individuals can purchase their own name or keywords for TLDs. Once registered, TLD owners can create and sell associated subdomains.


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