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Original masks worn by Lady Gaga and Grimes to be auctioned with new NFT collection on Dissrup

Fashion aficionados and pop culture enthusiasts will be offered a selection of rare collectibles designed by mask maker, Lance Victor Moore, and digital artist Vini Naso


TEL AVIV, Israel. June 22, 2022 – Dissrup, the platform for high-end, digital art and culture, announces the launch of Vini Naso’s “Masks of the Immaterial,” a luxury collection of uniquely designed digital artworks and hand-crafted physical and AR wearable masks created in collaboration with renowned artists. Collection One, the ‘Genesis Collection’, features physical masks created by Lance Victor Moore and worn by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Grimes, as well as a new digital collaboration between Naso and Moore. 

Inspired by Carl G. Jung’s book ‘The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious,’ the collection explores mythology and contemporary archetypes that affect human behavior. It serves as a bridge between the metaverse and the real world, offering celebrity-worn items and digital works in a high-fashion setting.

The Genesis Collection will include three 'phygital masks' (physical masks paired with original digital artwork), and a selection of ‘Digital Editions.’ All three phygital masks will be auctioned individually, and will each include a one of one digital artwork by Vini Naso, as well as a wearable AR mask duplicate.

“The Masks of the Immaterial” collection features the following auctions: 

  • The Hero Mask’ by Lance V. Moore — worn by Lady Gaga in her ‘911’ music video

  • ‘The Shadow Mask’ by Lance V. Moore — worn by Grimes in her ‘Shinigami Eyes’ music video

  • ‘The Fates Mask,’ designed collaboratively by Lance and Vini, exclusively for the Genesis Collection.

The collection will also include a series of multiple edition digital artworks, featuring Vini Naso’s signature characters wearing digital replicas of the physical masks.

Digital artist Naso has always been inspired by mythology and psychology, often creating work that borders somewhere between the beautiful and the uncomfortable, tapping into humanity's deep-rooted joys and anxieties. His collection “The Masks We Wear” was featured in Vogue Italia amongst the top most influential artists reinventing views around beauty, technology, and identity and earned him his first sold-out status on SuperRare. 

“‘Masks of Immaterial’ was inspired by Carl Jung’s book ‘The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, which explores the unseen forces that guide our decisions and fate,” said Naso. “I am fascinated about how masks help us tap into less conscious parts of our personality and transition more fluidly between archetypes allowing our latent potentials to be actualized. I believe there is tremendous power and significance behind how we chose to represent ourselves and what we chose to conceal, and feel privileged to collaborate with an artist of Lance’s caliber to explore this.”

In bringing his designs to the NFT space, Moore crafts a balance between mechanical and organic in his work, evoking both softness and cold futurism. His work has been featured in both the New York and San Francisco Fashion Weeks and continues to be highly requested by celebrities and collectors alike. Entertainers like Lady Gaga, Machine Gun Kelly, Milla Jovovich, and Darren Hayes have worn his work. 

“Lance and Naso’s collection represents something special for us at Dissrup,” said Yam Ben Adiva, Co-founder of Dissrup. “Collections like these reaffirm what we believe in – NFT technology will help us deliver new mediums for work of cultural and artistic significance. We wanted this collection to challenge people’s preconceptions about  NFTs, And we’re  proud to be working with the creators on the front line of innovative digital art.” 

Please note this announcement is under embargo. Masks of the Immaterial, ‘Genesis Collection’ will arrive on Dissrup on Wednesday, 22nd June 2022, at 10:00 am EST.

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