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Entity launches to kickstart the DeFi scene on Elrond’s ecosystem

The full-service growth engine features a launchpad to incubate high-potential Web3 companies, as well as cutting-edge tools, real-time data analysis, and metrics for investors, users, and project developers to spot the best opportunities on the Elrond Network


LIECHTENSTEIN, November 3, 2022 - Entity, a growth engine for Web3 builders and investors on the Elrond Network, is now available for use by blockchain users and startup founders. The project was developed by Titan Stake, one of the most active staking service providers in the Elrond community, and Istari Vision, Elrond’s key partner and full-service provider for projects. 

More crypto beginners, pro users, and investors are flocking to the Elrond Network due to its scalability, lightning-fast transaction speeds, low costs, and negative CO2 impact. In a fast-paced, ever-growing network like Elrond, there’s a need for a unified communications and operations hub to help both projects and investors stay on top of the ecosystem’s latest opportunities without a massive learning curve. 

The Entity growth engine solves this problem by kickstarting the Elrond DeFi scene and connecting passionate investors with the best projects being built on the Elrond Network. Project launches are the core of Entity. The Entity Launchpad incubates high-potential Web3 companies and gives investors early access to the best projects on Elrond. In addition, it helps projects building on Elrond to raise funds, gain exposure, and achieve greater adoption. But the platform is more than just a launchpad, it’s a full-service growth engine. 

Working in harmony with the Entity Launchpad is a suite of tools that help users discover, invest, earn, and monitor projects on Elrond. At launch, these include the Project Monitor, which reviews and rates startup submissions from the entire Elrond ecosystem; the Monitor’s best-rated projects have a chance to be listed on the Entity Launchpad. The Portfolio module makes monitoring the performance of crypto assets easier via an accessible and unified interface. Staking Provider Metrics help investors easily compare staking providers in terms of APR offered, nodes, and available space for staking. Delegation Metrics help delegators monitor their delegation history with detailed information and graphs. Additionally, a range of Tax Tools simplifies the DeFi accounting process with structured tax-relevant data that is gathered and labeled from the blockchain. 

Data from the Elrond Network that is presented on Entity is easily comprehensible. As a result, insightful blockchain analytics – shown in real time – help users make faster and smarter investment decisions. Already built and ready to be rolled out soon is the Reward Strategies module, which identifies the ideal investment strategies based on users’ custom criteria. Additional features in the works include the EGLD/ESDT module, which will provide a portal to the Elrond Network’s key KPIs and access to different tokens through a user-friendly dashboard. Also planned is a DeFi & Analytics module, which will connect users to the Elrond Network, primarily through the Maiar Exchange, and will contain on-chain data analytics. 

“With Entity, we offer startups that build on the Elrond Network a platform to showcase their projects to investors both within the Elrond community and beyond into the larger DeFi space,” said Wolfgang Rückerl, Co-Founder and CEO of Istari Vision and Entity. “On top of that, Entity offers a variety of exciting features, enabling users to dive deep into the Elrond ecosystem for better investment decisions, data analytics, and tax declarations. We believe that Entity will be a sustainable growth engine for the Elrond Network.”

“The Entity growth engine is designed for the benefit of users from a variety of backgrounds,” said Daniel Taranu, Co-Founder of Titan Stake and Entity. “Beginners will enjoy intuitive navigation and access to the Elrond Network. Proficient users now have a central platform to make quick and educated decisions about their crypto treasury. Builders will benefit from seamless project launches and wide access to a network of like-minded partners and venture capitalists. Those venture capitalists, in turn, can take advantage of Entity’s easy screening of investment opportunities and access to private sales.”

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About Entity

Released in 2022, Entity is a growth engine for the Elrond Network. Entity features a launchpad for Elrond blockchain projects with all the cutting-edge tools Web3 users need to make smart investments. As a growth engine, Entity supports builders and investors alike with next-level blockchain analytics and powerful DeFi features such as Staking and Delegation Metrics, Reward Strategies, and the Entity Tax Tools.


About Titan Stake

Founded in 2021, Titan Stake is one of the most active staking service providers in the Elrond ecosystem. Titan Stake offers server infrastructure for operating validator nodes on the Elrond Network and offers best-in-class services for customers who share their ethos of a decentralized future powered by the Elrond blockchain. They aim to be an ever-growing name that leads the way in building on the network, educating the public, and hunting top talents and ideas, adopting them until they flourish and add more value to the network.


About Istari Vision

Founded in 2019, Istari Vision is Elrond’s key partner and full-service provider for projects on the Elrond blockchain. Together with Elrond, Istari Vision develops blockchain applications for Web3 and evaluates and unlocks the potential of Elrond blockchain technology for businesses. In addition, it provides projects and startups access to an attractive investor network and offers legal and crypto consulting and marketing services, technical consultation and implementation, as well as project management. As one of the largest EGLD staking providers worldwide, Istari Vision backs the Elrond Network with more than 100 validator nodes. It operates the largest German-speaking Elrond community and currently rewards its customers with a return of around 8.75 % a year (APR) on their EGLD token holdings enabling them to generate passive income.


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