April 9, 2024

IOTA APAC Accelerator program kicks off in Singapore, pushing real-world asset tokenization products and infrastructure forward

The 12-week program, developed in partnership with Tenity, will act as a launchpad for startups building products and services for real-world asset tokenization, DeFi, and institutional DeFi services, payments, and infrastructure
February 27, 2024

IOTA joins forces with the World Economic Forum, the Tony Blair Institute, Trademark Africa, and other partners to reimagine international trade

Together these organizations commit to advancing a global digital infrastructure for trade facilitation and a supporting governance framework that allows governments and industry to join and participate in shaping its future
November 29, 2023

IOTA becomes the first DLT Foundation registered with ADGM in Abu Dhabi

IOTA further cements its position as a leader in digitizing global economies with its new foundation advancing the bridge between digital innovation and real-world applications
September 28, 2023

The launch of ShimmerEVM kick-starts smart contracts in the IOTA ecosystem

The ShimmerEVM chain is the first in a multi-chain environment to allow horizontally scalable, fast, secure, and parallel processing of smart contracts as well as bridgeless L2 cross-chain value transfers
June 27, 2023

SwissOne launches first fund to support the Shimmer and IOTA ecosystems

SwissOne IOTA Shimmer Opportunities Fund (“SISO”) is a new fund from SwissOne Capital dedicated to projects building on Shimmer and IOTA in order to support the growing ecosystems
May 2023

IOTA to boost ShimmerEVM testing with 1.8M token airdrop

The two-week long incentive campaign, Treasures of Shimmer, will reward dApps and their users in $SMR tokens for testing on the ShimmerEVM test chain
March 29, 2023

IOTA inches closer to a full DeFi ecosystem with the ShimmerEVM test chain launch

The IOTA Foundation releases its public test chain to improve its resilience, performance, and security ahead of the awaited ShimmerEVM launch
June 13, 2022

IOTA community passes DAO vote to expand community governance

A community-wide vote approved the reallocation of the unclaimed tokens in IOTA’s ledger to a DAO in support of community-led initiatives benefiting the ecosystem
February 3, 2022

The IOTA Foundation awards Imperial College London £1 million philanthropic grant for circular economy research

The grant will support the founding of the I3-LAB within the Dyson School of Design Engineering to foster collaboration between policy makers, entrepreneurs, and researchers
December 10, 2021

LD Capital, Huobi Ventures, UOB Venture Management and others commit $100 million to accelerate Assembly ecosystem

Multiple prominent crypto funds throw their support behind the recently launched ecosystem with this contribution
December 2, 2021

Assembly announces sharded, composable smart contracts with optional zero fees to take Web3 and the Metaverse mainstream

The team behind IOTA announces Assembly, a new decentralized layer-1 network for smart contracts with a native ASMB token and with the possibility of zero fees, sharding, and support for multiple virtual machines, including EVM
November 22, 2021

IOTA debuts Genesis NFTs on newly-launched Shimmer network to reward early adopters

November 16, 2021

IOTA introduces staking rewards with the launch of its incentivized staging network Shimmer

Shimmer and its native token $SMR will offer builders and users exciting possibilities for new decentralized applications, NFTs, and DeFi. Shimmer tokens can be earned by staking IOTA tokens. Stake. Earn. Govern. Build.
October 21, 2021

IOTA Smart Contracts Beta launches with zero fees, interoperability, and EVM compatibility

The IOTA Foundation debuts its next-generation Smart Contracts solution that focuses on interoperability, flexibility, and accessibility, and is ready for testing
September 2021

IOTA set to enable European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI)

The IOTA Foundation’s distributed ledger technology is competing to enable fully digitized cross-border e-government services for citizens and enterprises in Europe
July 6, 2021

IOTA Foundation enables paperless trade in East Africa in partnership with Trademark East Africa

IOTA Foundation and Trademark East Africa develop digital infrastructure to improve supply chain transparency and trust among trading partners in Kenya and beyond
June 2, 2021

IOTA 2.0 DevNet goes live to achieve full decentralization

The IOTA 2.0 Development Network “Nectar” becomes the first fully decentralized, feeless data and value protocol prototype, an update that opens up immense possibilities for the new digital economy
April 28, 2021

IOTA is enterprise-ready, as Chrysalis Phase 2 launches on mainnet

Chrysalis upgrade launches on April 28th, moving IOTA from experimental project environment to enterprise-ready distributed ledger ecosystem
October 27, 2020

IOTA joins project funded by Japanese national R&D agency NEDO to build first-ever AI and DLT-based predictive maintenance system

Collaboration protects critical infrastructure In Japan and abroad
September 20, 2020

IOTA Access brings open-source, conditional access control to any application or platform

IOTA Access is a DLT-based open-source framework for granting or revoking conditional access to physical devices in a remote, permission-less, and auditable manner
August 19, 2020

IOTA releases first phase of IOTA 1.5 upgrade “Chrysalis”

With massive performance improvements, users can now send and receive IOTA tokens in 10 seconds
July 2020

IOTA's project Selv aims to fix privacy issues with digital healthcare data

Developed in collaboration with Dentons, one of the world’s largest law firms; Selv is a GDPR-compliant healthcare data management application that allows users to have complete control over their health data and privacy and an easy means of sharing personal details with those authorized to see it
June 30, 2020

IOTA unveils first testnet of fully decentralized network with Pollen release

New implementation of the IOTA protocol aims to solve blockchain’s biggest issues with scalability and decentralization
June 5, 2020

IOTA announces first component of IOTA 1.5 with Hornet node release

Release of Hornet node software marks the first of several upgrades to the performance and UX of the IOTA Network

About IOTA Foundation

IOTA is a global not-for-profit foundation incorporated and headquartered in Germany. The IOTA Foundation's mission is to support the research and development of new distributed ledger technologies (DLT), including the IOTA Tangle. The Foundation encourages the education and adoption of DLTs through the creation of ecosystems and the standardization of these new protocols.

The IOTA Tangle moves beyond blockchain by providing the world's first scalable, feeless and fully-decentralized distributed ledger technology. The Tangle uses its own unique technology to solve three fundamental problems with blockchain technology: high fees, scaling and centralization. It is an open-source protocol connecting the human economy with the machine economy by facilitating novel Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interactions, including secure data transfer, fee-less micropayments, and secure access control for devices.

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