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Founded in 2021, Metacask is the premier marketplace for the sale of spirits casks and bottles. The platform is powered by the CasperLabs blockchain and modernizes the sale and ownership of casks and bottles through the use of NFTs attached to the physical product. These NFTs serve as a digital title of deed, with complete transparency – not just in ownership and provenance, but also for the purposes of price discovery. Launched in 2022, Metacask’s Trakr is the first fully-integrated inventory management, asset tracking, and marketing solution, available to the spirits industry. Built on secure blockchain and smart IoT technology, Trakr lets brands and producers track, document and report on the lifecycle of every product - from grain to bottle. Metacask is backed by exceptional security and KYC identity verification standards provided by Civic, giving a new generation of digital asset investors, brokers, and whisky aficionados a modern mechanism to safely and securely hold spirits-backed NFTs.


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