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NotCommon launches to take the lead in the fight against blockchain fraud

In 2022 alone, hackers stole $175M in digital assets, NotCommon is here to protect users and combat the uptick in cybercrime


AUSTIN, TEXAS. March 2023 – Backed by $1.5M in funding, NotCommon, a Web3 security platform that is helping people transition from Web2 to Web3, announces its launch as a one-stop shop for both artists and collectors to trade and exhibit work. 

Web3 has long been plagued with scammers finding loopholes to steal personal collections, causing Web3 users to question current security measures. Users who are new to smart contracts may find them difficult to grasp, and even seasoned collectors and creators can fall victim to phishing attacks. Since Web3 does not have the same traditional safety nets of centralized services, and once you are a victim of theft, assets are rarely recovered. To help users keep their collections safe, NotCommon created a platform that prioritizes education and security, giving NFT collectors the tools they need to protect and manage their identity in Web3. 

With a strong concentration on security, safety, and identity protection, NotCommon aims to bring peace of mind to Web3 and usher in a new era of digital creativity. NotCommon’s platform educates users so their online identities can be better protected, allowing them to safely adopt and browse Web3. 

NotCommon launches a curated, moderated blacklist of fraudsters, allowing users to crosscheck people and entities against a database of known bad actors. This database includes numerous types of scams that can be found within Web3, from contract addresses to phishing websites to fake social media accounts down to scammy marketplace pages. NotCommon’s site also serves as a deep resource for education, with a well of knowledge about current scams and a live-updated compendium of known social engineering tricks. Users on the platform will receive customized security alerts based on holdings they have in their wallet, such as NFTs in their collection.

Thanks to its compatibility with most major blockchains, NotCommon users can curate links to all their existing web presences, much like Linktree, but for Web3-specific content.  Potential users also can browse easily, as NotCommon’s Chrome extension allows you to flag phishing accounts and keeps a continuously updated log of scammers and fake accounts, increasing the platform’s versatility and potential for further adoption. 

“2022 was a tough year for the reputation of Web3 in general, but there is still a palpable interest users and investors,” says Michael R. Pierce, NotCommon Co-Founder and CEO. “However, there is a need to make the space safer, and that’s where we aim to be a driving force for security. For the benefits of Web3 to be realized, there is a huge educational component needed to onboard new Web3 users, if we are going to encourage further adoption.”

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About NotCommon

Founded in 2022, NotCommon is helping to onboard the next generation of NFT collectors by giving them better tools to manage their identity and stay safe in the Web3 world. In giving users the only NFT profile they’ll ever need, NotCommon is passionately committed to building the identity and security solutions necessary to make NFTs accessible to everyone.


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