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Backed by Enjinstarter, SWALLOW launches to unite the tattoo-minded in the metaverse

The new digital platform, backed by Enjinstarter, launches with 25+ partners across gaming and entertainment and 100+ tattoo artists; preparing to onboard IRL community directly into metaverses and games


AUSTRALIA. November 2022 – SWALLOW, the Web3 company bringing tattoo art into the digital era, announces its official launch. The company is incubated by Enjinstarter, the launchpad for blockchain-based entertainment and gaming projects, and will allow metaverse-goers and gamers to customize their avatars and accessories with tattoos and skins from the world’s most exciting tattoo artists.

Web3 has enormous potential for bringing together tattoo artists and enthusiasts in a far less fragmented way than is currently possible with Web2. Giving people the ability to represent themselves online through wearable art is an important part of their digital experience. Likewise, tattoo artists are looking for ways to expand outside their physical studios and share their designs more broadly. Web3 makes scalability and community-building possible – but to date, there has been no cultural hub to bring tattoo artists and aficionados together, nor has there been a metaverse able to smoothly integrate an existing real-life community.

SWALLOW will facilitate the evolution of the tattoo industry, platforming the talents of a global collective of artists and giving them not only visibility but the chance to hone their craft in cutting-edge digital spaces. It will also make space for a digital community that reflects the spirit of the real-world tattoo community, both artistically and financially. Since its team is intimately familiar with the real-world art form of the tattoo, SWALLOW is primed to craft an authentic artistic experience in the new digital frontier and onboard global tattoo artists and communities directly into metaverses and games.

Over 100 individual tattoo artists have signed on, including Aaron Della Vedova, tattooist to podcaster Joe Rogan; Derek Turcotte, the Canadian tattooist celebrated on Instagram; and Ryan Smith, Co-Founder of US apparel giant Sullen Clothing.

The company launches with 25+ partnerships that span the arts, entertainment, gaming, and tech sectors, with many being metaverse-based. Prominent partners include the long-running Heavy Metal Magazine; Another1, the collectible-fashion metaverse for designers and buyers; Bloktopia, the Polygon-backed metaverse behind the Exodus NFT land sale; AlterVerse, the pioneering metaverse-game-experience platform; and CrypCade, the blockchain-based entertainment metaverse.

“Self-expression shouldn’t stop as we move into a more digital world,” says Alexander Dalitz, SWALLOW’s Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer. “People need to be able to demonstrate who they are and what they love through the way they present themselves. Tattoo art has been a huge part of that for thousands of years, and will continue to be in the digital age and beyond.”

“We’re proud to be supporting SWALLOW and very excited for the projects they have in the works,” adds Prakash Somosundram, Co-Founder and CEO of Enjinstarter. “What started as a conversation around their making use of our launchpad culminated in a beautifully harmonious incubation, but the relationship is just beginning. We predict that it will bear fruit far into the future.”



Founded in 2021, SWALLOW collaborates with the world's best tattoo artists to bring a global digital distribution network to the tattoo industry. SWALLOW underscores the inherent artistic and cultural value of the tattoo by creating a space in the metaverse designed for artists and tattoo lovers to gather, interact, and transact, facilitating communal familiarity with Web3 and NFT spaces while retaining the atmosphere of the existing real-world community.


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