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Trivians launches play-and-earn trivia gaming platform to let people monetize their knowledge

Trivians enables players to easily monetize their knowledge by combining native play-and-earn gaming, trivia competitions, and rewards


ISTANBUL, Turkey. December 2022 – Trivians, the new generation crypto-powered trivia gaming platform, announces the official launch of its no-investment play-and-earn app. Trivia buffs get rewarded for their quick-thinking and relish in the diversity of knowledge-based games available. 

  • How many astronauts are in space right now? 

  • Who is the lead actress in the hit Netflix show Wednesday?

  • How many brains does an octopus have? 

If you knew the answers to those questions, you could have already made a few bucks.

People can monetize their luck and skill, but why not knowledge? Trivia is one of the oldest play-and-earn gaming concepts where money is up for grabs, but in the televised trivia games model, only selected players can compete and win. The remaining audience has to settle for participating passively – as a mere viewer. 

Trivians is bringing trivia games to Web3 and already has more than 300.000 players registered since it started testing the app 3 months ago. The casual multi-player platform broadens the number of models available in addition to single-player and limited-player games and addresses the lack of game depth in Web2. Quizzes and word puzzles take the form of live broadcasts, single-player and massive multiplayer battles royale, instant play, and scheduled tournaments. Whether players are experts in history, sports, science, or Harry Potter, Trivians has more than 150,000 informational questions in its archive, enriched daily. New game modes will be rolled out every quarter. 

By removing the barriers to entry with its no-investment play-and-earn platform, players can enter free-to-play games and earn Trivian Tokens ($Trivia), power-ups, and tickets for each correct answer. Its fully self-sustainable gaming economy pays token holders by distributing players’ money, and rewards are sustained by in-app purchases, advertisements and sponsored questions within the game. The platform joined the BNB Chain family on August 15 and already has $2.5M USD in investment backing from Onedio and Teknasyon.

“Our beta version proved to be wildly popular, and so we’re excited to be flipping the script on the play-and-earn gaming models out there,” said Kaan Kayabali, Founder of Trivians. “Web3 games haven’t focused enough on long-term sustainability and playability, but for Trivians, the initial tokenomics design was the first step, and we’ll continue to refine the in-game economy as we grow. This is how we aim to become the first blockchain gaming platform to successfully onboard non-crypto users and go truly mainstream.”

The Trivians app is available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

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About Trivians

Founded in 2022, Trivians is the new generation crypto-powered trivia gaming platform. The decentralized platform combines native play-and-earn gaming, trivia competitions, and rewards in Web3. Participants can show off their knowledge and monetize it with Trivians’ variety of game types from casual multiplayer games to scheduled and live-streamed tournaments, with competitions and special categories that appeal to users of all levels 24/7. Trivians removes the barriers to entry for play-and-earn gaming and doesn't require players to know anything about crypto. The self-sustaining play-and-earn gaming economy is what sets Trivians apart, meaning that players will be more trusting of the crypto-powered platform, as they know where the yield is coming from.


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