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Rakuten Viber eliminates spam calls with new Caller ID feature

Viber’s Caller ID feature will identify unknown callers and provide spam detection, allowing users to be extra selective in choosing when to answer unknown calls


SAN FRANCISCO. April 4, 2023 - Rakuten Viber, the global leader in private and secure messaging and voice-based communication, announces its new Caller ID feature, identifying unknown callers and protecting users from spam. 

When was the last time you saw a number pop up on your phone screen and ignored it because the caller wasn’t saved in your contact list? It could be a call you want to ignore, or a call you really don’t want to miss. For example a call from a doctor's office or an important delivery on its way to you. 

Viber’s new Caller ID feature helps users to never miss an important call. Users of the application can opt-in to activate the capability to identify all calls received, including if the caller is not using Viber to call.

With Viber’s Caller ID feature, when the ring is from potential spam, the user will be alerted with an identification of an unsolicited caller. This is based on spam score aggregation and numbers that have been reported by Viber users. Once a call has ended, the user will be offered additional post-call actions such as redialing, reporting, messaging, and saving the contact. 

“We are excited to provide this additional layer of protection and awareness to our users,” says Ofir Eyal, CEO of Rakuten Viber. “Caller ID allows us to give users peace of mind, nobody likes receiving spam calls. This is another step we are taking to put more control in the hands of the users.”

Existing users (with Viber 19.3.0 or later) can enable Caller ID under ‘Calls and Messages’  within the app’s Settings menu. The feature is currently available to Android users in Vietnam, Armenia and Moldova and will be gradually rolled out globally over the coming months.

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