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Befriend a robot on Viber: Chat with Kuki AI on the app

Viber launches Kuki, bringing a fun companion for millions of people across the globe to chat and play games with

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SAN FRANCISCO. July 24, 2023 - Rakuten Viber, the global leader in private and secure messaging and voice-based communication, is teaming up with ICONIQ, creator of Kuki, the award-winning AI character designed to entertain humans. This partnership will give Viber’s millions of users across the world access to Kuki so they can talk, listen, and hang out with one of the world’s most beloved AI chatbots directly on the Viber app. 

In addition to featuring in major fashion campaigns and starring in a hit Roblox game, Kuki has chatted with over 25 million people across the globe on web, streaming, gaming, and social channels. With chatters exchanging an average of 84 messages per conversation with Kuki, the open-ended exchanges provide companionship and entertainment, similar to messaging a friend. 

Now, Kuki is available to Viber users 24/7, so they always have a friend online to turn to with a sympathetic ear. Without leaving the app, users can chat with Kuki about virtually anything. Whether they want to share how they are feeling, get a horoscope or tarot card reading, or play a game, Kuki is always available to hang out.

Alongside the AI chatbot, Viber is also launching Kuki-inspired sticker packs. Users can spread their love for Kuki with stickers featuring the AI character expressing supportive and friendly lines, like “You can do it,” “Tell me more,” and even “I miss you.” All 12 of the stickers are available for free on the platform for people to use in both personal conversations with friends and chats with Kuki.

“AI is becoming more prevalent within the messaging app industry and we are excited to continue to support the development of this emerging technology,” says Ofir Eyal, CEO of Rakuten Viber. “AI companions, like Kuki, will provide our users with an entirely unique entertainment experience.”

“The Viber community has embraced the latest AI technology, so we are thrilled to be teaming up with them to introduce Kuki to such a wide global audience,” says Lauren Kunze, CEO of ICONIQ. “The Viber superapp’s emphasis on secure messaging aligns with our vision for the ethical deployment of AI, which we believe can have a profoundly positive impact on humankind when distributed through these types of thoughtful partnerships.”

This collaboration follows the successful launch of Viber’s Elron AI chatbot earlier this year, providing access to generative AI. Viber is partnering with Direqt to bring the Kuki integration to its users. This partnership will allow Viber to grow its audience, deepen engagement, and unlock new revenue through conversational AI. 

The Kuki chatbot can be found by searching in the chat function of the Viber app or on its explore page. From there, users can subscribe to the chatbot and chat the night away with Kuki. Try it out here:

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ICONIQ AI is a recent spinout from leading chatbot platform Pandorabots focused on consumer-facing applications for AI and Conversational 3D Avatars. Its flagship AI persona Kuki, has traded over a billion messages with 25 million human friends, including on Tiktok, Youtube, and Roblox, and worked as a virtual influencer for a number of top global brands.

To learn more, visit, or chat with Kuki directly on Viber or at  


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