August 3, 2023

Viber dials up its premium service with Invisible Mode and Read Voice Messages features

Viber rolls out two new Viber Plus features, giving users the ability to turn voice messages into text and hide their status while seeing others’
July 24, 2023

Befriend a robot on Viber: Chat with Kuki AI on the app

Viber launches Kuki, bringing a fun companion for millions of people across the globe to chat and play games with
May 2023

Get ready to jam: Viber & Spotify team up for an unbeatable music experience

A match made in music heaven, Rakuten Viber and Spotify are joining forces to bring an offer users won't want to miss; Viber users can now enjoy a free three-month trial or up to a 90% discount on Spotify Premium, depending on their region
May 2023

Rakuten Viber announces Viber Plus premium service with exclusive features and customizations

Viber’s new monthly subscription service offers a premium messaging experience with zero ads, live chat support, unlimited stickers and more exciting features coming soon
April 4, 2023

Rakuten Viber eliminates spam calls with new Caller ID feature

Viber’s Caller ID feature will identify unknown callers and provide spam detection, allowing users to be extra selective in choosing when to answer unknown calls
February 2023

Rakuten Viber launches feature to save storage on app

Viber’s new storage management function gives users control over their storage, making it easier to select and delete media files and free up space
February 2023

Rakuten Viber unlocks AI capabilities with its new chatbot

Viber’s AI Chat & Create chatbot allows users to ask questions, and design images directly through the Viber app; powered by DALL-E and Davinci’s AI generators
January 2023

Rakuten Viber soars past superapp status with major global updates

Viber introduces Business Inbox and a Commercial Account to help improve customer experience and increase brand visibility
November 2022

Rakuten Viber celebrates global football fans with a new chatbot, stickers, AR Lenses, and more

Viber’s celebrates football by getting its users into the competitive spirit with fun and interactive features, including a game prediction and leaderboard chatbot, gamified football AR Lenses, and stickers
September 2022

Rakuten Viber launches chatbot to support Ukrainian teachers’ facilitate online learning

Viber is partnering with Ukrainian education studio EdEra to develop educational courses to help Ukrainian teachers organize distance learning; with 98% penetration in Ukraine, Viber’s platform is popular among teachers affected by the surge in remote schooling
July 26, 2022

Rakuten Viber to launch payments for secure app-based transactions

With the introduction of a safe and secure cross-border digital payment solution, Viber achieves “super app” status
May 10, 2022

Rakuten Viber signs EU Code of Conduct to ensure safety and security for its users

Rakuten Viber signs the EU Code of Conduct in Brussels, Belgium, further cementing its commitment to building a safe and secure messaging platform
April 2022

Viber Rolls Out Two-Step Verification Further Strengthening User Security

Viber’s new two-step verification feature allows users to authenticate their accounts in order to reduce the risk of account hijacking and protect their privacy
January, 2022

Viber unveils who’s most likely to augment their reality

Viber’s look at the usage of its AR Lenses finds that women are more likely than men to put a filter on their face; red hair trend spills over into AR Lens popularity
October, 2021

Viber debuts disappearing messages feature within group chats

Viber’s feature allows for customizable disappearing times, from 10 seconds to one day, as well as the ability to easily activate the disappearing function within a group chat; app disables forwarding, copying, or taking a screenshot when disappearing option is in use
June 30, 2021

Rakuten Viber partners with Snap to bring AR lenses to its messaging platform

The partnership between Viber and Snap will bring AR lenses to Viber video messaging and photos; WWF, FC Barcelona, and WHO are among the first with branded Viber Lenses
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